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Training for the poor, reducing poverty sustainably


If done well, we will bring encouraging efficiency, and affect directly to life of the poor. To do this, government, organizations… have to create favorable conditions in the implementation of this policy and find jobs for the poor actively...

More than 20 poor women in Binh Loi and Binh Yen regions of Truong Lac Ward joined to apprentice beads. Ms. Dinh Thi Tuyet Huong, a teacher, said: After one month of training, the poor was quite professional and did a lot of products. To create favorable conditions for the poor vocational training, such as: arrange appropriate time, be near home. teach to understand easily,…

Show wearing clothes, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung (trainee of sewing classes for the poor, held in Thoi Loc Hamlet Xuan Thang, Thoi Lai District), say this is the "first product" after  two-month sewing training. Like sewing but because of poor family so she didn’t  train so far. This time, trained and had sewing machines to practice, she was very happy and hardworking. She hopes after finishing the course, she will have more income in the part time. It is also the aspiration of 20 poor women in Xuan Thang is this training.

Since August, Thoi Lai District held five household sewing and weaving class, attracted more than 100 poor in communes: Dong Thuan, Truong Xuan B and Xuan Thang ... At the same time, Co Do district efforts to encourge students to open six training classes for 120 poor in communes as: Thoi Xuan, Thoi Dong, Thoi Hiep…

 According to the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, this is the first year of implementation of the new policy for the poor so it develop slowly. After the city implemented the plan, the local selected, found out, training needs, and layout venue. So now, 12 training classes for over 240 poor are deployed in the district

 Stable employment and consumption

In two years (2009-2010), the city has opened 49 training classes free of charge to nearly 1,200 poor, especially for poor communes with high poverty rate, and has helped one of the poor to have income. In 7-2011, policies help poor to start. With a budget of over 1.6 billion from national reduction program, the city will deploy 25 training classes like: sewing, knitting, hairdressing, beading ... for over 500 poor people who have a unstable job and income. To create favorable conditions for the poor, training classes are held in the village, training for 2-4 months (depending on the job). In addition to free training, each poor support 15,000 / day, and help to find a job after training.

According to local authority, the most difficult is the mobilization of the poor take part in training classes for a  long time because they have to do for a living every day. In fact, the local are really concerned with training, find jobs for the poor. They focus on advocating,  deploying and managing training classes well. Mr Le Quang Hung, officers in Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs said: "The reason we opened the sewing and weaving classes for training in accordance with preferences and family situation of poor women. On the other hand, the past time, Thoi Lai District organized and maintained a good working atmosphere about garment products for Phu Tho Cooperative (in Truong Xuan commune) and crafts for Kim Hung Crafts. This help many poor women have more income. Average income for weaving is from 600 thousand - 1 million VND / person / month; and sewing is from 1.5 to 1.8 million VND / person / month ...

Ms Le Thi Thu Hong, Deputy Director, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in Can Tho City, said: "The policy of vocational training for the poor was implemented in local. The suburban districts like Thoi Lai, Co Do... surveyed the needs and encouraged the poor to participate in training classes ... To meet the aspirations to train a suitable job, to help the poor create jobs and increase incomes. In some localities, thanks to the activeness of the organizations, the poor have jobs, income from sewing, weaving ... ". However, the fact that the combination of all Departments, Organizations… in this program are not synchronized, so efficiency after training is not high.

                                                                                                                                                        Can Tho Newspaper