Water Hyacinth Combination Set WF5223-6NAT
Water Hyacinth Combination Set WF5206-4NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5181-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5180-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5179-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5177-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5176-3NAT
Water hyacinth trunk WF0041-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5170-4NAT
Water Hyacinth Combination Set WF0034-7NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5141-4MIX
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5065-3WBR
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5060-3MIX
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5053-3NAT
Water Hyacinth Tray WF5048-3MIX
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5047-4NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5045-4NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5023-3NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5021-3NAT
Water Hyacinth Laundry Hamper WF0017-5NAT
Water Hyacinth Laundry Hamper WF0009-6NAT
Water Hyacinth No Frame Basket WN5019-3NAT
Seagrass KD Basket SF5007-1MIX

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Ms Huynh Thi Anh Nguyet (Thanh My, Thuong Thanh ward, Cai Rang district, Can Tho city) established Kim Hung Cooperation, specializes in producing and exporting the products from water hyacinth. Over the years, the cooperation has helped 2000 women in area to have a stable job and income. The road to Thanh My has now been concrete,…
The Global Competitiveness Facility for Vietnamese Enterprises (GCF) in Kim Hung Crafts ( Cai Rang Dist, Can Tho City) implemented from early 2012 to solve the problems about  associating training guide, building kiln for water hyacinth, upgrading activities of Kim Hung Crats and improve products from handicrafts. According to Mr John Nielsen, Danish Ambassador in Vietnam, the…
Vietnam is a rich country in handicraft products, thanks to the hardworking, dexterous, and creative qualities of the Vietnamese people. For a very long time, handicraft products have been a source of culturalpride and a source of income for the people. As the varieties of handicraft products are too numerous to be fully introduced, only a few…
Vietnamese art handicraft traditionally valuable for a long time. Tradition associated with the name of the village, city and profession is represented by the traditional craft products, with unique, sophisticated, flawless. Vietnamese handicrafts products with unique personalities and name of the product is always accompanied by the name of the village made it; popular products also make the…