Water Hyacinth Combination Set WF5223-6NAT
Water Hyacinth Combination Set WF5206-4NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5181-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5180-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5179-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5177-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5176-3NAT
Water hyacinth trunk WF0041-3NAT
Water hyacinth basket WF5170-4NAT
Water Hyacinth Combination Set WF0034-7NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5141-4MIX
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5065-3WBR
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5060-3MIX
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5053-3NAT
Water Hyacinth Tray WF5048-3MIX
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5047-4NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5045-4NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5023-3NAT
Water Hyacinth Basket WF5021-3NAT
Water Hyacinth Laundry Hamper WF0017-5NAT
Water Hyacinth Laundry Hamper WF0009-6NAT
Water Hyacinth No Frame Basket WN5019-3NAT
Seagrass KD Basket SF5007-1MIX

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Fair Invitation and Map of  Lifestyle Fair
Scheme handicraft exports in 2010-2015 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved aims to maintain export growth rate from 10% to 12%.  This project strives until the end of 2015, exports of handicrafts reached $ 1.6 billion. In particular, exports of rattan industry group reached 530 million, accounting for 33%; ceramic industry reached 480…
Handicraft from water hyacinth is simple but beautiful and gives a new look to your home ... Hyacinth which familiar with people in a long time, but not much people knows the dirt floating body is raw material to make various and beautiful products. Diverse products from water hyacinthHyacinth stems are dried, thread elastic, soft and create…
Morning sunlight stretches large yard of Kim Hung Crafts in Thanh My, Thuong Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City. Chairman of  Kim Hung Crafts, Ms Huynh Thi Anh Nguyet and employees dried water hyacinth mats. Ms Anh Nguyet put carpet in the long range cleverly, and edit the pieces carefully. Work with employees, Ms looks…
Training If done well, we will bring encouraging efficiency, and affect directly to life of the poor. To do this, government, organizations… have to create favorable conditions in the implementation of this policy and find jobs for the poor actively... More than 20 poor women in Binh Loi and Binh Yen regions of Truong Lac Ward joined…
According to our survey, the profession, success, depth and spread of the traditional village South West is not really clear. This explains the gaps between development planning capabilities handicrafts, effort capital investment and train for rural workers. More difficult with traditional villages in Southwest is under pressure of the market mechanism. Mr. Lam Van Man, alternate member…