Water hyacinth (The scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes) is a species of aquatic plants, herbaceous, live in the water.

Water hyacinth plant grows about 30 cm high with round shaped leaves, green, glossy and smooth surface. With flowering purple, blue dots, yellow petals on the first burn.

Water hyacinth plant reproduce so fast it's easy to clog lakes, canals. A tree mother can lay seedlings, the number doubled every 2 weeks.

Dried water hyacinth fibers can be processed to use braided wire, rope and woven into mats, crafts, and furniture.





Kinds of weaving from Water hyacinth:









Seagrasses are flowering plants, the leaves are long and narrow, and these plants often grow in large "meadows" which look like grassland. Seagrass is mainly used for weaving sedge mat and manufacture of handicrafts from sedge like: bags, trunks, baskets, sandals, hats and many other items. When using fiber mats, seagrass is brought thin split, dried and then woven. Seagrass fiber can also to mix to larger fibers instead of in the form of raw fiber.